Should I Get A Home Inspection?

Becoming a first–time home buyer is one of the most rewarding experiences most people will have in their lifetime and there are some very important things to consider when buying a home. Home inspections are the most crucial aspects of a real estate transaction. Many buyers ask the question, “Should I get a home inspection?” The answer is yes. During the home buying process, the buyer will have the opportunity to hire home inspectors of their choice, to perform the inspections they choose, so they feel confident taking the next steps of the home buying experience.

“A full home inspection… is the best defense against future liability for the seller and the most assured way a buyer can feel comfortable with the home purchase.”

 – Tory Graham

What Is A Home Inspection?

A home inspection is the visual assessment of the physical condition of a home and its systems. In the real estate contract, the buyer has the right to inspect the home and property. Home inspections are performed by a licensed professional who probes the home for any defects or damages during the first 10-14 days of being under contract on a home. Inspections may include but are not limited to the following: foundation, plumbing, and electrical systems, interior, appliances, heating/cooling systems, roof, exterior, landscaping, radon, termites, water testing, sewer, septic, air quality, fireplace(s) and chimney(s), windows, mold and anything else the buyer deems important. Professional home inspectors will provide the buyer with a written report detailing their findings and recommendations on mitigating the defects found.

Find a Home Inspector In Casper, Wyoming

There are various ways to find home inspectors in Casper, Wyoming. First, lean on your trusted Real Estate Professionals who have access to local home inspectors and contractors. A list of recommendations from your Realtor’s past clients should be provided. Buyers are also encouraged to ask friends and family who have purchased homes who they would recommend. The internet is also a great resource to find inspectors. Don’t forget to read their reviews. Ultimately, make some phone calls to the inspectors and be comfortable with the choice(s) made. Once the inspector(s) has been chosen, the agent will set up the inspections with the seller or seller’s agent, for the buyer.

Should I Show Up for My Inspection?

Yes, the buyer should most definitely show up to the inspections. If present at inspections, the buyer will learn much about the home. This is time well spent asking the inspector questions about the home. It also helps the buyer understand the inspection report and the items flagged, as it won’t feel overwhelming since any notable defects would have been discussed in person at the inspection.

Will The Sellers Be at The Inspection?

Generally, the sellers will step away during the inspection appointment. This will give the buyer and inspector time to go through the home in confidence, without distraction.

Should I Get a General Inspection?

There are many types of home inspections that can be performed on a home. The buyer will need to decide which inspections are most important. Each home has unique features and systems and varies in condition and age, so choose inspections accordingly and wisely.

Deciding on which inspection(s) to have can be a daunting task, so here are some guidelines to go by. For an overall inspection of the workings of the home, hire a General Inspector. General Inspections are an all-inclusive type of inspection that typically inspects the foundation to the ceiling/attic space and the exterior of the home. Additionally, some general inspectors will inspect the roof as well as the sewer and radon levels for additional fees. When beginning with a general inspection, the inspector will inform the buyer if a deeper dive into a specific part of the home is needed. A home inspector can help buyers identify any pre-existing problems with the property and prepare proper repair plans.

Should I get Individual Inspections?

Buyers may opt to have separate inspections completed on the home. Instead of a general inspection, buyers may hire separate individual inspections, such as an electrician to inspect the electrical system, a plumber to inspect the plumbing system, a roofer to inspect the roof, an HVAC inspector to look at the heating and cooling systems of the home and so on and so forth… Performing individual inspections may cost a little more in the long run and general inspections cost less. The buyer must decide how much to spend and what inspections are most important.

What About Defects Found During Inspections?

Reports have been reviewed, now repairs need to be negotiated. Once the buyer has had a chance to compile a list of repairs, the real estate agent will present a repair request to the seller’s agent. Any items can be negotiable but buyers should stick to items that are most important including; health and safety items as well as the big tickets items. Asking for everything on the list may be considered an unreasonable request and may quickly kill the deal. Knowledge and leadership of a trusted and experienced real estate professional who will put the buyer’s interest above their own is the key to successful repair negotiations after the inspections have been completed.

Moving Forward in Your New Home

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