From Renting to Buying A First Home

Bethany, a single mom of three children lived in a cramped two-bedroom apartment. She was fed up with the noise, cramped living, and constant rent increases. She longed to be a homeowner and after much consideration, Bethany made the executive decision of going from renting to buying a first home in Casper, Wyoming. Bethany was ready to take charge and begin building her own equity!

This Renter Became a Home Owner

The first step Bethany made was to schedule an appointment with The Putzier Real Estate Team. The Team went over the home-buying steps, educating and preparing her for a successful journey through the home-buying process. To understand and begin the steps of going from renting to buying your first home, download the first-time home buyers checklist.. Having guidance and a roadmap from The Putzier Real Estate Team, helped Bethany break down each step to move forward in the home-buying journey. Curious about homeownership? Schedule your consultation today. Watch the video!

The Minimum Credit Score To Buy A Home In 2023

Next, Bethany met with one of our preferred local lenders and learned that her score didn’t quite meet the required 620. In conjunction, she was encouraged and shown what was needed to boost her score. By taking these steps, she could eventually qualify for the WCDA FHA First-Time Home Buyer Program. This program only requires $1,500 out of pocket too! This could be less than a rental deposit! Bethany immediately got to work on those credit items. She worked hard for about 6 weeks to get her credit score to just above 620 and guess what?! She got qualified! What happens if you don’t qualify? Don’t sweat it! Contact one of our preferred lenders and he/she will work with you to get to where you can qualify. The main point here is to start! You are worth it!

The Next Step In Going From Renting to Buying, After Pre-Approval

Getting qualified gave Bethany even more excitement as well as an accurate price range in which to shop. She began shopping for homes with her trusted agent, Justin Putzier with The Putzier Real Estate Team. Let the real fun begin! There is nothing more exciting than going from renting to buying a first home!! Justin found a few homes, set appointments, and showed her the homes that fit her criteria. A home was located that checked off most of Bethany’s “must have” boxes. Justin assisted with getting the offer negotiated and accepted, inspections completed, and repairs negotiated, and she closed on the home in no time! Watch Bethany’s success video here!

How Long Is A Pre-Approval Good For?

Take the amount of time that you need to shop for a home but keep in mind that most Pre-Qualifications last 3-4 months. For many, this is ample time to locate and close a home. In Bethany’s situation, she chose to move quickly. In fact, she began shopping soon after pre-approval was given. Bethany was eager to buy her own home and begin building her own equity and no longer her landlord’s equity. We actually see this very often!

How Long Does It Take To Move Into A House After Pre-Approval?

With the help of her amazing lender and trusted agent, Bethany closed on her first home in just over four weeks. She is now a happy homeowner! Thirty days is required by most lenders to close on a home. This amount of time allows for inspections, any repairs, appraisal, title work, and loan underwriting to occur. Check out this video, explaining the closing timeline. 

I want to Buy a House

Congratulations! We cannot wait to meet you and help you with the process of going from renting to buying your first home! Take the first step and contact us today – Justin Putzier at 307-259-8004 or Charlotte Putzier at 307-259-4440. Email the team at or click here to schedule a consultation!